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Shareware, trialware and try before you buy ware can be taken to mean the same thing. Shareware Upload/Download Site.
Excellent (5/5)
Rocket download logo - Popular software download archive! 20000+ programs to download, many with user ratings and - Popular software download archive! 20000+ programs to download, many with user ratings and reviews.
Free download service.
Euro Download. Shareware and freeware downloads.
Shareware and Freeware downloads and tested, rated and reviewed software submitted by software author. Brothersoft shareware and downloads. Freeware, Shareware software download.
Simtel logo  Simtel shareware. One of the oldest and largest collections of shareware. logo
Search Engine Optimisation
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2Haveit Shareware rated shareware
File Guru shareware Shareware
EasyCab Lots of software
Soft Shop Soft Shop the one stop shop for all your shareware needs.
Bills Software Picks   Bill's Software Picks Archive.
Programmers heaven logo Here you will find files about Assembler, Basic, C,C++,Delphi, Games, Internet, JAVA, HTML, Visual Basic, Windows, LINUX, Database, 3D-graphics, sound, Active-X, demos, utilities...
32Bit Software 32Bit Shareware
NoNags logo NoNags Shareware
Win-Shareware Win-Shareware
walink.gif Shareware
link1.jpg FileClicks Shareware
skylark utilities logo Shareware
Rocket Download Logo Shareware
Download32 logo Shareware
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