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Bulk Line Calculator:
Small screen shot of Bulk Line Calculator. Bulk Line Calculator works out the amount of bulk line to load on your reel when there's too much space for the amount of main line you want to load. It's a work in progress so please do give me any feedback you have to offer or let me know of any problems you encounter. Use the email address in the about box or the contact form on this site.

It isn't super accurate as it works in simple layers of line and you can't have a layer of half a line thickness but it's a LOT better than guessing. The bottom line is
that your outer diameter might end up slightly less than the number you entered but by no more than the thickness of your bulk line.

Most reels don't come with dimensional information so you'll need a digital caliper to measure the spool. You can get really cheap Chinese ones on eBay that are perfectly adequate.

The default numbers are for my Exage™ 3000SFD reel where I want to load 75M of 5lb line (I mostly do waggler fishing) and bulk up with cheap 0.24mm. The main line I'm using comes in 150M lengths so it gives me two loads.

This program is written for Windows™ but will run under emulators on other platforms - probably. There's no installation program. The program doesn't write anything to disk and doesn't store any information on your computer or connect over the internet. Simply copy it to wherever you want on your computer and run it. If UAC on your computer won't let you run it, sort your UAC out, don't come back to me. Download the zip file Here

And - for something a little different!
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