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Bits n Bobs. No guarantees. Use at your own risk.

Wings3d stuff. Scale in Kicad 1
Aavid HS7106 Heat sink
Mono Jack
Stereo Jack
Wings3d Aavid HS7106 model. 
Aavid HS106 heat sinks
Download Wings3d and VRML 2.0 Slots not accurate but profile should be OK.
Wings3d Mono jack (NMJ4HFD2 type)
Mono jack socket type NMJ4HFD2

Download Wings3d and VRML 2.0.
Wings3d Stereo jack (NMJ6HFD2 type)
Stereo jack NMJ6HFD2 type
Download Wings3d and VRML 2.0.
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